Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

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Voice and Data bundles…the next generation network

With so much happening in the telecom technology world there is always a constant effort to make things better than what they already are. People today want everything on their fingertips literally and who wouldn’t want a clutter free and clean environment. Advanced Voice over IP or VoIP solutions provide one single network link for your phone facilities and the high speed Internet facilities that you use. Originally all the old type of telecommunications required remote conduits for voice or VoIP and Internet. But today the VoIP or voice and Data Bundles enable you to choose both at the same time and alternate between voice and Internet as your call capacity needs command.

With just one single network connect, the company will not just save on cost that you would otherwise have to shell out to get separate network connections for phone service and Internet but also give you the facility of using both at the same time without one affecting or hindering the other. The business VoIP and Data Bundle can be connected through a simple broadband connection, which then adds the voice and networking service you need up to 20Mbps of bandwidth. You also have the choice of selecting from an assortment of enhanced features aimed to provide greater tractability and more efficient infrastructures service for your business.
The IP Voice and data Bundle are a related group of joined access products and is till date the most coolest way to combine your voice, data and Internet onto a single network to operate your business more efficiently and of course every company today would definitely want things to be done at lower costs as there seems to be a lot of cost cuttings happening. And if companies get a good facility at a good cost it is bound to gain popularity very soon. And because Voice and Data Bundle products are scalable and flexible, you can use them to build a compact and trouble free communications platform that will grow with the company at equal pace as is the speed of your company’s growth. These bundles are economical as they reduce cost by not paying for two separate connections and services and allow you to access data connectivity that combines your voice and data onto one single platform. These voice and data bundles are efficient as they improve the productivity of the company by adjusting to your kind of business. And they are compatible too.

CRTC getting into innovation mode for the disabled

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SIP Trunking – The Smart Way of Network

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Hosted PBX – The New Trend Setter

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Inbound DID – Presence Felt Worldwide

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