Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

Driving the Wind of Transformation through Telecom Technology

If the future of telecom technology comes to wireless vs wire-line, it will be wireless hands down. However, if we dig deeper into that, it will be right if we would just say that this future will not lie on blackberries, cell phones or iPhone. Think of it, a world with tablets, readers etc. All of these devices are capable of connecting concurrently to your everyday life. The sector is evolving, and really becoming, an even bigger wind of transformation.

Taking this analogy a step further, so as to deduce what the future of telecom technologies might hold, we all saw computing being implemented in almost everything and connectivity was made at any place. Now, we can only imagine of a world where communication gadgets are virtually invisible and one in which information flows intricately. Basically, the initial intent of telecoms technology was to enable communication across distances. With time however, it has moved from just the data and voice communication to offering a mixture of communication backbone with multimedia-voice, image, video and data as well.

Technological advances are very funny; they do not just develop in immeasurable steps. A technology can lurch forward or sometimes hibernate for years till some related advances assist it achieves the necessary critical mass. At this point you start seeing a burst-forth being built in quick succession of each other like the broadband, VoIP, Wi-Fi and the 3G cellular. The next big revolution in telecom industry is quite near. Indeed, it is close enough with the current advances towards the ultra-wideband.

You might have overheard of the UWB in the past when search for a common UWB devices’ language was started by an oversight group, the IEEE, which wasn’t so successful, however, today, numerous devices and components makers have embarked on developing this new technology as it can uniquely transfer large masses of E-data over short distances. It is expected that once the UWB research is over, there will be a great revolution in this dynamic field of telecom industry.

Maged Bishara

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