Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

Why is telecom industry the most talked about industry today?

The telecom industry is composed of businesses, private parties, and trading groups that provide communications services to customers all over the globe. The global telecom industry not just characterizes huge quantities of income, but also hires a huge number of people in their office and field locations. Through this industry, consumers can take benefits ofContinue Reading

Telecom Industry in 2012

The telecom industry is the talk of the town today. Everyone wants to upgrade themselves and be up to date with the latest gadgets especially mobile appliances which will give them quick and efficient connectivity anywhere and everywhere. Demands of the users in turn prompt the telecom industry to try and give better products toContinue Reading

The telecom industry strives for innovation and business

This is not the era of postcards and letters and definitely not a time when people used to wait for an outstation call for hours before they got connected. Communication has come a long way and with it telecommunication has evolved a hundred folds. Last year, the telecommunication industry succeeded in accepting and dealing withContinue Reading

Five Innovations of Telecom Industry to Ease Your Business

The business world has been set a buzz with recent developments in telecom technology. Over the past few years innovations in products and services have empowered consumers and business alike with greater convenience in the way these services are bought and sold. With the internet providing the backbone, distance has become less of a factorContinue Reading

Transformation of Telecom Technology As We Know It Today

Telecom is a short form of the term ‘Telecommunication’. Telecommunication is the transition of information.  In comparison, Technology is the use of scientific knowledge for improving the way to do things for example, inventing machines or devices to make things easier to do. It follows that telecom technology is the means of transmitting information inventedContinue Reading