Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

The Progression from Smoke Signals to Cloud Computing: What’s Next?

Throughout history man has always had a need to communicate with his fellow beings either in close proximity or at a distance. Telecommunications is thus the transmission of information between the sender and recipient over a medium.

Having moved from the slow and unreliable smoke signals and drum era and skipping through the letters and messenger phase. Man has always tried to find faster and more convenient ways to communicate.

It was not until 1876 that we got our first instant mode of telecommunications with the invention of the telephone by Alexander Graham Bell and his assistant Thomas A. Watson.

This was truly the most pivotal point in human telecoms technology evolution and dare I say the third most important discovery after fire and the wheel.

Since the first telephone, the growth of the information and communication has had phenomenal growth. Telecoms technology equipment has been evolving constantly to bring greater convenience and speed of connection between the communicators these tools range from Morse code, facsimiles, the internet and of course the mobile phone.

Businesses have also been keeping tabs and have not been left behind by the advancements in telecoms; and have had to evolve their practices in an attempt to make their communications more efficient and cost effective. The most recent step in the telecoms sector that many a business is trying to take advantage of is the cloud computing technology.

Manpower too has changed over the recent past from highly specialized telecoms technology experts to more flexible yet still highly skilled IT workers with a wider skill set. This has added the work-off-site, a never before seen dimension, where workers do not need to be physically present in the office to access file and complete assignments. Cloud computing is the glue that makes this new use of telecoms technology work.

 So what is cloud computing exactly?

with devices becoming smatter, faster and more connected, the internet penetrating practically every facet of our daily lives, it was only logical to have an integrated cross platform system for off-site data storage and retrieval and the cloud was built. As businesses are outsourcing work beyond the borders leave alone other cities, the traditional storage structures and tools are increasingly becoming redundant and dare I say almost obsolete.

Along with cloud computing, other convergence mobile telecommunication technologies such as Voice Over internet Protocol have been a huge hit both in business and personal communication. To dare say what the next step would make me more of a soothsayer than anything else.  I am sure however the boys in Silicon Valley are cooking up something to further integrate telecom technology in our lives.

Maged Bishara Montreal

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