Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

Telecom Industry in 2012

The telecom industry is the talk of the town today. Everyone wants to upgrade themselves and be up to date with the latest gadgets especially mobile appliances which will give them quick and efficient connectivity anywhere and everywhere. Demands of the users in turn prompt the telecom industry to try and give better products to their users and develop better technology.

Recently Huawei presented a paper which lists the trends of the telecom industry for the year 2012. Information as per this paper has zoomed past us in the last two centuries at a pace that it is difficult to catch the exact speed. And these twenty years a lot of technology upgrading, and applications with better technology have come into the market. The scope and variety which can be seen in the market today is incredible. The extremely fast growth of digitized information with the exciting craze for mobile connectivity which has led to the mobile networks being in great demand has resulted in huge amount of electronic content being used. This has of course led to connecting of people from any remote corner of the world with each other. Distance doesn’t seem to matter at all today. All we need to do is connect to the appropriate networks and we can talk to our loved ones or our business associates at any time of day or night and at absolutely affordable prices and hardly any talking interruptions.

The major reason for all this development is definitely the knowledgeable user who is difficult to satisfy and constant want something better. Only on user surveys the industry comes to know how much a common user knows today and how much more he demands to get better in the telecommunications line. After all, the industry is working only to satisfy its user.

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