Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

Why is telecom industry the most talked about industry today?

The telecom industry is composed of businesses, private parties, and trading groups that provide communications services to customers all over the globe. The global telecom industry not just characterizes huge quantities of income, but also hires a huge number of people in their office and field locations. Through this industry, consumers can take benefits of services like the data transfer, telephone, internet and other innumerable communications services.

Traditionally, a lot of telecommunications arenas have come under the government ownership or at least affiliated to the government. In the past few years quite a considerable section of the telecom industry has been deregulated or privatized. This has given way to new agreements and greater choice for consumers, and has also given way for rapid improvement and technological progress.

This industry is also responsible for transferring wireless infrastructures, mainly with the use of radio towers. The extremely fast growing cell phone industry and the mobile data service for phones and laptop computers are a definite part of this industry. Telecom industry experts also take care of satellite facility, with those used in space survey and other government-aided platforms.

For people who want to make a career in the telecom industry, the choices are many. From installers to maintenance executives the industry gives the largest number of opportunities to telecom workers, and if that was not enough it is also accountable for running cables and connecting or mending of equipment. These people might visit residences and business establishments to help consumers with their service troubles, or to train users on the kit.

Telecom workers are also employed in offices and are accountable for guiding customer’s calls. There is a lot of scope in sales or marketing and support. Engineers and software designers are definitely not to be left behind.

Maged Bishara

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