Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

Is Connection Between Convergence And Telecommunications Myth Or Fact?

The merging of microelectronic, wireless communications and PC technologies to facilitate audio, video and data transfer to enable communications, deliver information, entertainment and other kinds of communication services between two or more people is termed telecommunications. When circuits and devices are constructed into tiny packages termed computer chips this is done using the technology of microelectronics. Union of telecommunications and microelectronics technologies is the convergence. Networks and systems that enable worldwide access to the same caliber of information and communications are done through the convergence of telecommunications and microelectronics technologies.

How convergence does occur?

Convergence is when data, videos and voices plus other information are being encoded as digital communications. Transferring data through cables as in cable TV channels, telephones and internet connections are made possible through convergence. IP or Internet Protocol is one example of telecommunications made possible through convergence. IP is just one of the many point in internet standardization as well as TCP and HTML. IP is used to route some data from points of source to points of destination in the internet. This can transmit data, text, voices, videos and images all at the same time on just one single network. Someday IP will enable our different body parts to receive different data in the same instance. Making them work different jobs at the same time. Meaning to say there is future in providing the new millennium with synergized communications. Today’s modern and latest version is Broadband Integrated Communications Provider.

James Bond and Dick Tracy can now be seen everywhere. What with all the gadgets available for those who can afford them. Developments in microelectronic technologies shrink all these devices into very tiny pieces that are very portable and can be carried in the streets, at home and everywhere. These scary possibilities become available to people irrespective of their physical locations.

Maged Bishara Montreal

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