Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

Transformation of Telecom Technology As We Know It Today

Telecom is a short form of the term ‘Telecommunication’. Telecommunication is the transition of information.  In comparison, Technology is the use of scientific knowledge for improving the way to do things for example, inventing machines or devices to make things easier to do. It follows that telecom technology is the means of transmitting information invented by humans through science to ease and sweeten the living conditions. In addition, telecommunication has led to massive technological advances.

In earlier times, telecommunication involved the use of visual signals, such as smoke signals or audio messages like drumbeats and loud whistles. Likewise, there were other forms of telecommunication like ship’s flags and semaphores. The telecom technology improved over the 19th century as it became more sophisticated with the invention of electricity which involved electronic writing. Moreover, in the 20th century the world watched and listened the astronauts walked on the moon. On the same, the riding of radio waves was invented and could travel over roughly three million miles. Radio and television broadcasting then became the most common telecom technology obtained invention.

Telecommunication has come a long way ranging from smoke signals to improved objects like machines, weapons and tools then to developed skills and lastly the application in science which has been the pre-eminent implementation to meet the finest objectives. Thus, these strides in telecommunication have changed the world immeasurably as the world is inter-joined through satellite technology, television and the most important the internet. These recent advances in telecom industry have kept the globe connected in a humming buzz of interactive voices and pictures. Simply put, Telecom Technology is largely concerned with values in decisions and judgments. Besides, at the center of all, lies planning and design. On the whole, the objectives of Telecom Industry are being evaluated with intense solutions which will warrant amazing inventions.

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