Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

Wireless IP Mobility

Iristel has taken find-me-follow-me, or single number reach, to a whole new level. Iristel offers Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) to both on-net and off-net customers looking to enhance the flexibility of their calling networks and lower communications costs. Users can have one number from any PSTN, mobile or VoIP provider and seamlessly hand off calls between them.

When going from the car to the office for example, simply enter the star code on the mobile phone and the call will seamlessly transfer to a desktop phone. This will not only save money on monthly mobile phone bills, but also preserve the battery life of the mobile phone.


  • Reduce costs by handing off calls from mobile phone to landline
  • Improved availability and accessibility to customers and contacts
  • Use extension dialing to reach colleagues from a mobile phone regardless of location
  • Worldwide access through a single number for all phone

How it works

Whether in the office, on the road, at a conference or halfway around the world in a hotel room, Iristel’s IP Mobility will keep users in touch with their customers and improve productivity.

With IP Mobility calls can be made from any device and have the outbound calling line ID indicate one number reach. Users can also take advantage of the same features as their desk phone regardless of their location. For incoming calls, all registered devices will ring when dialed so users can choose which device to use. Users can also seamlessly transition a call to and from a mobile phone and continue with the conversation without having to transfer the call or redialing.